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Do you spend a lot of time on the computer, at home or at work in the office?

Continuous use of a video display terminal can lead to eye fatigue and, in the long run, to decreased vision. Experts suggest taking a short break, even just twenty seconds, every twenty minutes, looking at an object away from you.

The real problem, however, is that very often we are so absorbed in what we are doing that we forget this fundamental rule, especially when we work. I myself, lately, have started to feel eye fatigue, which has led me to the development of this small but indispensable app, which I then thought of making available for everyone.

Using this app is very simple: you open it the first time, and you forget you have it installed: it will take care of you, every twenty minutes, to warn you to take a break. If desired, it is customizable: you can change the interval with which it warns you, you can choose whether to make the app emit a sound, or you can even choose a personalized message for the reminder.

When you no longer need the app, or when you can’t afford to take even a little break, it can be temporarily disabled.

Health is important: let’s protect it!

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Download Rest Your Eyes App!

It’s time to pay attention to you health, this app is here to help you.